Why choose PLMCC ?

1.The PLMCC of HANOI is an International Training Center 
We are member of a wide world network with many partnerships with other institutions. It provides courses on any field of the industrial world including CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM for professional design and manufacturing.

network of PLMCC

2.We have an exclusive and fruitful relationship with Dassault Systèmes

We are Dassault Academic Certified and Educational Program Partner (EPP)

Academy label

3. International standards premises with updated workstations (One seat – One trainee),

4. Our trainers are Dassault Systèmes Certified. Quality of our course material.

Our course material is fully developed by ourselves with more than 15 years’ experience and the knowledge of more than 30 professors from many countries (France, Brazil, India, South Africa etc..) experts in their fields.
They are attractive and pedagogical with emphasis with the industrial requirements.
Please, try our E-learning and let us know your feeling on our PLMCC Facebook.

5. Our Training is based on the tool concept.

It means the software is used as a tool to develop new products using the best practices to be efficient, rapid and free from misconception. Directly operational for the industry needs
Example: Use of Functional Skeleton, Design in context, Tree of Specifications Management, Knowledge, Parametric design or Collaborative work.


6. Quality of our physical supports.
To make our course more attractive, we use physical supports at the highest level.
3D Printer, 3D Scaner, CNC Machine, Humanoid Robots, Legos and so on.

7. We are available to provide you with a professional certificate with Dassault academic Label.


8. We are Dassault System Exam Center. We can train you to have the maximum warranty to take the Dassault exam with very good chance of success. This exam can be taken in our center for a low price.