CATIA Plastic Part Design Essentials (PPD)

Thursday - 10/11/2016 16:34

CATIA Plastic Part Design Essentials (PPD)
Course Code: CAT-en-PPD-F-V6R131
Available Releases: V6R2012 , V6R2012x , V6R2013 , V6R2013x
Duration: 15 hours
Course Material: English
Level: Fundamental
Audience Mechanical Engineers and Plastic Part Designers
Price: 2.000.000 ND
Time: Morning (9am-12am), Afternoon (2pm-5pm), Evening (6pm-9pm)
Description: This course will teach you how to create a molded plastic part from a set of styled surfaces. You will use functional modeling to integrate basic features on a rough shell before completing the detailed design. Then you will learn how to analyze, prepare, and integrate the styling surfaces. Finally, you will extract the core and cavity for mold tooling design.
Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Import, analyze, and repair a set of styled surfaces using the Healing Assistant workbench
- Reserve space for the components that will be present inside the part
- Integrate the Styling surfaces in Functional Design
- Use Functional features to create / modify shapes
- Manage shell and draft properties and cores
- Use external shapes to design in context
- Extract the core and cavity models
Prerequisites: Students attending this course should be familiar with the CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Fundamentals and CATIA V6 Mechanical Surface Design courses.
Available Online:Yes