Wednesday - 09/11/2016 14:58

1. First study : The DS drone

The aim of this first study was for the team to understand the behaviour of a drone designed by Dassault System and controled by a KK2 electronic board.
This “prototype work” included the definition of the DS drone’s specifications, the study of its design and its simulation on CATIA V6,  the manufacturing of the device by 3D printer up to the assemnly of the drone and its real flight.


overview new quadcopter2

2. Second study : The PLMCC quadcopter

Including all the achievements of the DS drone, the second objective of the project is to design, simulate and manufacture a 100% PLMCC homemade QUADCOPTER. The main purpose of this step is to implement a NVIDIA GPU TK1 electronic board on the device to be able to study the behaviour of this specific equipment during a flight. After describing the device’s new requirements, the PLMCC team is now working in close collaboration with SUPMECA Paris on CAD design, stress analysis and assembly.

overview new quadcopter3
What’s next ? The Project is still in progress, the final objective is to create a third version of the drone exclusively controled by the GPU technology. At this step, the main objective will be reached. Indeed, the purpose of this next version will be to answer to a difficult question : can the NVIDIA GPU be implemented on real space device ?