Mini Project Bachelor 3-Sun tracker system at Hanoi

Thứ ba - 03/11/2015 13:28

Mini-Project 2

NameImplementation the Sun tracker system at Hanoi.



Global warming has increased the demand and request for green energy produced by renewable sources such as solar power. Consequently, solar tracking is increasingly being applied as a sustainable power generating solution. It is clear that solar panels produce considerably more power if they are pointed directly at the sun all the time than they do in a fixed position.

The mini-project objective is to make a solar tracker that orients a solar panel toward the Sun by using light sensors, Servo motor, Micro-controller to drive solar panel


  1. Study principal of solar cells and the sun’s path at latitude of Hanoi (Vietnam)
  2. Research the method to control the solar panel, design and simulation the Sun Tracker System in Catia V6
  3. Implementation the real Sun tracker system using Arduino Kit and Servo motor



Student in Energy, Space, ICT

The candidate would have an interest in design and manipulation, and have the skills and (or) experiences in Solar Energy,Astronomy, programming.

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