Mini Project Bachelor 3-USTH Solar Car

Thứ ba - 03/11/2015 13:27

Mini-Project 1
Name: USTH Solar Car
Lab: PLMCC-Energy


Fossil fuel depletion and air pollution from traditional car engines are the driving forces for the development of new type of vehicle that run from renewable energy. Solar radiation is one option for the substitution of fossil fuel in automobiles. Car powered by solar panels were developed and demonstrated.
The objective of this mini-project is to design and to build a USTH solar car model. This is an experience in use of the power of solar energy. Through it, the students can apply their knowledge learned about energy, control, design, electric system…
This work provides also an opportunity for students to learn and hands-on engineering: designs, builds and tests a real product to improve skills: teamwork, communication, organization.
1. Study principle of solar panel, electric motor
2. USTH car model: 3d part design and simulation and printing in Catia V6 at PLMCC including car shell, roof…
3. Solar panel selection
4. Assembly and build the USTH car
5. Test
6. Report

The candidate would have an interest in design and manipulation, and have the following skills/experience in Energy, Space and ICT

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